WatchNET Access Software

WatchNET Access software is a powerful, network-based enterprise-level security management software that accommodates widely-dispersed applications with an unlimited number of users, controls thousands of doors, and allows you to simultaneously access the system.

The enhanced user experience makes navigation and operation easy and intuitive. WatchNET Access Software platform offers the ultimate balance between power and affordability in a network environment. It offers the flexibility to securely connect controllers directly on the network, as well as over RS-485.
WatchNET Access software is a fully integrated solution for Access Control, Intrusion Detection, CCTV, Time & Attendance, and Building Management.

This powerful software manages multiple tasks using Windows 7 and Win 8 Professional Versions and supports databases such as MSSQL and MS Access.

The software’s multi-database capabilities allow the customer the flexibility to choose either MS Access database or MS SQL database. Multiple users (software operators) with different levels of access can simultaneously access the system. The system starts with only a single user called “Administrator”, and the administrator can create different users with different access levels enabling them with access only to data as allowed by their access rights or privileges. The same software supports stand-alone, small two-four doors installations, medium-size installation, and enterprise global systems. Just add more doors as you grow. Our licensing process is simple. There is a one-time cost based on hardware and functionalities needed.

As you expand your operations, simply add features to your license via eMail while adding, not replacing, existing equipment.