Network Controllers

WatchNET Access products offer a versatile and easy-to-use solution for those looking for an Access Control System. 

Single Door Network Controller

Single door network controller

WAC‐1D2TH‐MICRO (North America)

Single door network controller

WAC‐1D2T‐MICRO (North America)

Single door controller with reader

Standalone Reader Controller WAC-1D2V-MPX (Middle East Only)

Intelligent Network Controller

2, 4 & 8 Door Network Access Controller

WAC-­2D2T-­ENC / WAC-­2D4T­-ENC / WAC-­4D4T-­ENC / WAC­-8D8T-­ENC

Intelligent Network Access Controller (X Series)

4 Doors 4 Readers (in only) POE Network Controller


2 Doors 2 Readers (In only) POE Network Controller


WatchNET Access Elevator Controllers

Network Input /Output controller

16 Input & 8 Output I/O Controller

Input & Output Controller