Access Control System is the primary and most powerful component of facility safety and security, and WatchNET offers a comprehensive array of access control platforms, solutions, and products.

Our extensive background in security devices has given us the expertise to evaluate your requirements and provide the right security solutions. Our team as well as our factory trained System Integrators and Distributors will carefully study your project needs, evaluate your specific requirements, and provide you with comprehensive solutions. These options will also consider the expansion possibilities carefully considering the growth of the facility.

From corporates offices, factories, research institutes, data centers, government offices, hospitals to factories, schools and banks: WatchNET Access control solution is widely used at places that are trying to physically protect property or information from unauthorized people.

WatchNET Access control solution is providing greatly improved security. It’s the most ideal product/solution equipped with all necessary features that a user needs such as easy user management, data security, a various zone management, elevator management, parking management, I/O controls and real-time monitoring.

Combined with Security, Safety and. Surveillance of the facility the solution suggested would provide a comprehensive solution that would enable the operator to cover all the Security, Surveillance and Access Control aspects of the facility. Our goal is to minimize your risk and provide you peace of mind.

Upgrade from Legacy Access Control Technology

Older access control systems may work without issue, but they also present security issues and vulnerabilities in today’s threat landscape. Upgrading to more modern technology not only better fortifies your organization today, but helps it prepare for tomorrow.

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Our Exclusive Solutions

Versatile Control

Changes are almost inevitable in the business & choosing a reliable solution is critical. We are passionate about solving the issues & to provide APT solutions for complex problems.

End-to-End Security

WatchNET Access is secured by the highest standards with an AES128 bit algorithm to protect against the impact of cyber-attacks.


WatchNET Access easily extends to meet the customer demand. From Time Attendance, Biometric, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Windows Active Directory, BMS & 3rd party integrations; the possibilities are endless.

Scalability & Expansion

With WatchNET, the customers can start small and expand gradually to an enterprise-class solution. Our solution architecture is designed to scale with the customer’s needs.

Stay Ahead & Keep Up to date

Technology changes & upgrades are inevitable nowadays. Hence, WatchNET is committed to supporting its customers with the latest technology, features, and security for both the hardware & software.