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Welcome to the first edition of the WAPP newsletter. The objective of the newsletter is to provide you with information on sales successes, technical details and items that can help you position WatchNET Access Control to your customers. We will send you this newsletter quarterly, and with our technical bulletins, we plan on keeping you informed and up to date on our Access Control solutions. We also invite you to contact us with your sales wins, ideas and comments so we can build our success together. Do you have a project or custom requirements for access control? We have project managers available to assist with large project design and implementations and our developers can design custom solutions for practically any requirement your customers are asking for. Please call us with your requirements and we can get started right away!


Case Studies

Alzheimer's and dementia are, unfortunately, diseases that are becoming more prevalent in our society. Read how WatchNET provided an unique Access Control system solution that provided extra security for these extra special patients. Click here for more details!



WatchNET Access Controllers are designed to be self-contained controllers, ideally suited for small and medium sized solutions. For enterprise solutions, however, Access Controllers are often connected to servers. Did you know there are three ways of connecting controllers to servers?

1) When using RS232/485 connection, the server must have a serial port, or if none a RS485 converter can be used to convert the serial connection into USB which is suitable for any server computer that has USB ports, this is typically used if the site has no network connections available.

2) A TCP/IP (Ethernet) connection is available in all access control panels to connect to a LAN network. This will connect the panel to the server and to additional modules such as the WatchNET input and output board or WatchNET elevator controller. Using the Ethernet port simplifies installation as the WatchNET software will be able to search for all access control panels and WatchNET security devices that are connected to the network.

3) WatchNET Access Control has a module for wireless connectivity to the server, the WAA WLS 485 wireless transmitter can be used in areas where cabling is impossible, providing a range up to a maximum of 1000 meters of distance between an Access Controller and the server. The system functionality remains the same whether it is hooked up using cables or by wireless connectivity. 



Did you know that WatchNET Access Control systems can provide unique applications that can help you differentiate yourself in the Access Control marketplace? The following applications are available in the Access Control system:

  • Live Video Integration with 2 free included video licenses
  • Doorbell video verification and alerts
  • Elevator Control systems
  • Guard Tour applications using access cards and readers
  • Time & Attendance applications for time clock and employee payment systems
  • Parking gate and car counter applications
  • Debit payment applications for vending machines, parking lots, laundramats
  • Alarm System integration
  • Building Automation applications.
  • Parking lot management via video parking spot monitoring

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